Lash lifts

Lash lifting is a great alternative to lash extensions, giving your natural lashes a lengthened appearance for up to 8 to 10 weeks. Professionally applied lash lifting is suitable for even the shortest lashes. See our Buderim and Sydney treatment pages for pricing. 

Elleeplex ReGen treatment

All lash lifts done by Beauty with Michele include a complimentary Elleeplex ReGen treatment for optimal lash health.

  • Elleeplex ReGen is a lash protection system that builds strength in the eyelashes during the lash lift process.

  • It conditions and promotes healthy hair growth, nourishes the hair shaft, and boosts moisture content, for optimal lash health.

  • Vegan, cruelty free, and plant based.

Preparing for your lash lift

Simply arrive to your appointment with clean lashes that are free of any mascara (especially waterproof mascara).

  • Avoid excess hot water or steam on lashes for the first 24 hours.

  • Avoid using shampoo, makeup, unapproved conditioners, unapproved makeup removers, creams, eye serums on the lash/eye area for 24 hours.

  • Do not rub or play with your lashes.