About Bioptron


Healthy skin is beautiful skin |  Bioptron is designed to heal and rejuvenate damaged or ageing skin. Its technology allows for optimal penetration of light to the different layers of the skin, providing maximum cell biostimulation and accelerated healing of damaged tissue. See Buderim page for a list of our Bioptron therapies.

What is Bioptron light therapy?

The Bioptron Light Therapy System is a patented light therapy medical device. Its unique medical technology is based on visible and infrared, highly polarized light. 


How it works. When a Bioptron device is held over the skin surface, energy from the emitted light penetrates the different layers of the skin. This causes biological reactions within the various tissues and stimulates a number of beneficial processes in the skin.


What is colour light therapy?


Colour Therapy is a way of using colours to enhance and restore our body's energy level. It can also have benefical calming and anti-ageing effects on the skin and tissues.

The Colour Light Therapy Principle. Traditional healing methods believe that all organs have characteristic frequencies of vibrations in health and that disease is the natural response of the body to strain. It is assumed that strain causes a change in energy frequency, which affects the healthy state of an organ.

Colour is a natural, inoffensive type of therapy. When one of our organs is out of balance, it may be possible to 're-tune' it by absorbing into our bodies the energy of its corresponding colour. 

Orthodox medicine combined with colour therapy may bring faster results. However, it should always be remembered that no complementary therapy is an alternative to professional medical advice.

​Colour Therapy for Cosmetics

Bioptron Light Therapy System and Bioptron Colour Light Therapy are reputed in the field of cosmetics. Suitable for all skin types, Colour Therapy is considered to be helpful for a number of skin concerns including wrinkles, large pores, age spots, cellulite, dry/rough/oily skin. Different colours offer smoother skin, reducing pores and redness for a beautiful, healthy complexion. The effects of coloured light can be seen on the face immediately - it looks fresher, smoother and younger. 

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