Scientifically validated Organic Beauty™

Antipodes brings pollution-free New Zealand nature to the world in certified vegan, plant-based skincare and makeup.

Antipodes® unites new science discoveries with Nature’s purest ingredients to deliver anti-ageing, bioactive skincare that’s alive with good health. Nutrient-rich avocado oil, world-famous manuka honey and Vitamin C rich kiwi seed oil are beloved by their global devotees.

The Antipodes range includes:

  • High-performance cleansers for clear, healthy skin.

  • Masks that nourish and detoxify.

  • Toners to refresh, balance and hydrate.

  • Antioxidant packed serums that directly deliver nutrients to help repair and regenerate healthy skin.

  • Eye care creams to rescue the delicate skin tissue under and around eyes.

  • Powerfully hydrating and anti-ageing Moisturisers.

  • Body care products for super silky skin.

  • Natural healthy makeup for healthy, flawless skin and vibrant, nourished lips.